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Fostering means more lives are saved!

Every foster home is one more dog that is able to be rescued and given the chance for a loving forever home. If you have the space in your heart and home for one of our amazing dogs please consider fostering.

  • Step One: Contact Cindy for information on Fostering.

  • Step Two: Together you guys will determine which dog is the best fit for your current household.

  • Step Three: You take the dog home and love, play, and encourage good behavior in the dog. Cindy provides all supplies needed for care of the dog.

  • Step Four: You bring the dog to PetSmart for adoptions each weekend.

  • Step Five: The lucky dog meets its fur-ever family and gets adopted!

  • Step Six: Back to Step Two to save another life!

A Note About Foster Failures: Every so often a foster family realizes that the puppy they have brought into their home completes their family! That is OKAY! All foster families get first priority in adoption of a dog if they decide that their foster should be a permanent family member.

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